Trampoline Park Retail Products

As parks look to increase their ancillary revenues, retail products are becoming increasingly popular. If done properly a retail program can have dramatic results. Not only does it offer visitors to take away a reminder of their visit, it also acts as a marketing tool extending your brand reach beyond the walls of the park.

Retail Collections

We have developed a collection of products that meet key price points that come custom packaged. We also offer Point of Sale retail display solutions, making it easy to plug in a professional looking retail item. Contact a member of the team for more information.

Drawstring Bags

Our bestselling drawstring bag thanks to its amazing value for money. These nylon drawstring bags can be custom dyed to any pantone colour, we can produce custom coloured cord strings and PU attachments. Branded with either a 6 colour screen print, transfer print or embroidery. We also have a full dye sublimation printed option allowing the image of your choice to cover 100% of the bag.


Wayfarer style custom coloured sunglasses where we can pantone match the arms and frames and brand the arms with up to a 6 colour logo. Great for the summer months, and means your brand exposure will shine brightly.


Our Balloons are custom colour matched to your branding and can feature a laser printed full colour logo.

Punch Balloon

Made from a more robust latex and larger than a standard balloon, these punch balloons offer hours of fun. Simply slip a hand through the attached rubber band and punch away. The balloon comes in a wide range of colours and is branded on the outside with a logo of your choice.

Foldable Drinking Bottles

A 500 ml PET foldable bottle with custom coloured carabineer clip, this space saving sports water bottle is light and durable. Branded with up to a 6 colour screen print logo.

Silicone Wristbands

Our silicone wristbands can be custom coloured on both the inside and outside. They can be branded in many ways, embossed, de-bossed and printed.


This mini torch offers a powerful beam. It comes in a variety of colours and can be etched or branded with a single colour to the side.


Having a bespoke temporary tattoo that is completely unique to your brand is a great and cheap way to have some fun with your customers. We can create a completely bespoke shape and design for your brand and create a fun experience, if only temporary.


Our sweatbands prevent sweat from interfering with fun on the trampolines. The can be dyed to closely match a Pantone colour and can feature either an embroidered or transfer logo. They are made from very high quality cotton, making them perfect for exercise in warm conditions.

Water Bottles

A variety and selection of water bottles all with one thing in common, they all feature your custom branding. From plastic to metal, there are plenty of different styles and colours to choose from. They are sure to be used away from the park, making them an ideal marketing tool for you.

Multi Coloured Pens

A really popular item with the children, 4 interchangeable colours at the press of a button. The barrel of the pen can be branded with your logo and the pen can be colour co-ordinated to your choice.

Pencil Case

This versatile item can be manufactured in a range of fabrics, from vinyl to woven nylon. Modelled to your identity via the choice of colour and personalised with your logo. A great marketing tool.

Stationery Pack

A multi-piece stationery pack with eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors and 4 coloured pencils. All items are branded.

Colouring Pencils

A set of 4 different coloured pencils. All branded with your logo at the top of the pencil in a single colour.

Microfiber Towel

This super soft towel is built for maximum absorption. Comes as a face towel size, but can be adapted as required. The towel can be made to any colour and can be branded on either one side or both. Ideal for fitness classes.

Snap Wristband

These funky wristbands always go down well. Simply hold one end and snap downwards. The band then coils to fit around the wrist. Plenty of colours to choose from and ideal for branding. It is sure to get noticed.

Mini Playing Cards

Hours of fun for the whole family with these mini playing cards. Custom branded on the back as a constant reminder of your park.

Light up Ball Pen

This blinking and bouncing plastic pen features a rubber ball on the end that actually bounces. Once hit against a hard surface the ball also lights up and blinks.


What better way to get your name out there than on some cool and stylish headwear. From high fashion snap back style caps to beanie style options, we have a vast selection to offer. Why not speak to us about working up some customised designs that make your headwear unique.


Our polo and T-shirt options know no end. From different fabrics and a range of printing and branding techniques, you can design the garment of your dreams. Whether it is for your staff uniforms or retail items to increase sales, we have it covered for you. Speak to us and we will develop some concepts that will inspire and impress.

Mini Slinky

This fun and engaging toy can be custom coloured and comes in a bespoke branded outer box.

Polystyrene Plane

Take your brand to the skies with this polystyrene branded plane. It's sure to be a winner.

A5 Sticker Set

This A5 page comes with a series of stickers designed to your choice.

PVC Key Ring

A custom shaped PVC key ring featuring your logo.

Fridge magnet

A PVC fridge magnet shaped to the logo or image of your choice.

LED Bouncy Ball

One of the classic items children never tire of.

Paddle Bat & Ball

A classic. This can be used indoor and outdoor and once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Custom Packaging

Our retail products are provided in custom packaging where appropriate to maximise the presence and show the products off to their best. The packaging is customised to your brand giving you a professional co-ordinated solution for your retail items.

Custom Display Stands

We have a selection of quality Point of Sale display options available to make sure your retail product is merchandised in the best possible way. We understand all venues are different in terms of layout, size and space, therefore speak to us and we will work with you to advise the best possible solution for your facility.

Our display systems include free standing floor displays as well as wall mounted options. Ensuring your products are displayed professionally.