How Party Packs can Transform your Trampoline Park

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How Party Packs can Transform your Trampoline Park

Party Packs

We are specialists who over the last 12 years have built up a wealth of experience in sourcing, producing and delivering goods to every corner of the globe. Working with trampoline parks for a number of years now means we are well placed to understand your business and to offer advice as we know the market. One key item that we provide to parks is party packs. A trampoline park is a fantastic way for kids, teens and adults to spend some leisure time and providing parties for kids means you can ‘add’ to the experience. It also builds more of a bond with your customers.

Providing party packs for your customers can have a significant impact on your business as well as offering a number of benefits. Here are a few of those benefits:


A party pack will help you to generate profit for your business. This is a key goal for all businesses so there is nothing else to add here.

Providing a Special Experience

As we all know hosting a party at your park is about delivering a special experience to a group of kids or young teens. A party is usually for a special occasion so you want to create a great and memorable experience. If the kids are happy, the parents are too. Happy customers are much more likely to return and recommend you online and via word of mouth.


Brand Recognition & Awareness

A party pack contains your branded products so the idea is to use your branding to create a lasting memory amongst your customers in and outside the park. Kids will use the products from the party pack and talk about the experience too. This will only benefit your park.

Can your Party Packs be ordered Online?

We’ve noticed that quite a few parks don’t offer the facility to book party packs online. This just makes the process more efficient and you can also use this opportunity to upsell to your customers.

Upselling Opportunities

Give parents a choice of party packs. A birthday for example is a special occasion so some parents may be tempted to upgrade to a premium party pack. A premium party pack can generate more profit for your business. Also, remember that different age groups will want different products in their packs. Why not offer a pack for younger age groups and one for older kids? You can of course consider other upselling options like adding trampoline sessions.


Add Special Edition Socks to your Party Pack

Some parks add special edition socks to party packs. These socks are unique compared to the standard socks that are issued by the park. This provides an indicator of party goers who are actually using the socks, some of whom may be new customers.

Do you want some Sample Party Pack Designs?

Can I send you some sample party pack designs? This will allow you to build a picture of what the packs can potentially look like and there is no commitment whatsoever if you do want some designs. Please send me an email with your details and I will arrange for some designs to be mocked up.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t read our previous blogs on safety and the biggest mistake made by trampoline park owners and managers I would recommend using the links provided.

My name is David Woodward and I head up the European and US trampoline park division at Samurai Trampoline Products. At Samurai we specialise in trampoline park socks, party packs, custom clothing, accessories and other branded retail products. We are the #1 global supplier of branded merchandising products for trampoline parks. Please contact me to find out why more park owners choose Samurai than anyone else.