How do Trampoline Parks Differentiate themselves from the Competition?

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9th November 2017
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How do Trampoline Parks Differentiate themselves from the Competition?

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The market for trampoline parks is becoming more and more competitive. Competition for consumer spend is not only from trampoline parks but also from other leisure activities. Therefore, we were curious about what parks do to stand apart from other operators in the market. We asked a number of park owners and key people in the industry for their views by asking the following question:

What do Trampoline Parks need to do to Differentiate themselves from the Competition?


Its about Becoming a Better Product!

As much as it is about diversification and adding more to parks, it’s about becoming a better product.  People will still want to do just trampolining but they want to be in an environment where they feel safe, feel happy and where there are other choices. Someone may choose to go to a restaurant or they may go bowling and they may go trampolining afterwards, because it’s there. It’s about offering a better product and feeling safe is part of it.

What about new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality? (additional question)

You have to be careful with product development. It’s a business at the end of the day. A lot of that looks great but it not necessarily commercially viable to do it. Climbing is nice, it’s quite interactive. It looks great but it’s a very limited size. For 2/3 people it takes up a big space, which is a lot of money. You have to be careful with putting Parkour and big Ninja courses. They cost a lot of money and take up a lot of space but they don’t necessarily work on a commercial level. There are some amazing products coming out and we’ll see more and more of them but you need to be careful.
Harvey Jenkinson, Co-Owner, Gravity Trampoline Parks

Refine Areas of Customer Dissatisfaction

It’s down to the offering and having the right activities. It’s the atmosphere that they offer to the bouncers in terms of everything from your lighting, visuals and activities but also the spectators who often get forgotten about. The food and drink offering, the seating because we put a lot of emphasis on the seating space upstairs for the guests. A lot of them (guests) want to watch the kids bouncing and a lot of facilities don’t have that on offer. That’s definitely something that needs more focus. Outside of that it goes back to customer service. Everything from when they arrive in reception to the (overall) experience. The issues that people sometimes have is the waivers can be quite cumbersome or confusing, or the booking system when they book online. So it’s about refining a lot of little elements where there might be some customer dissatisfaction and trying to excel in some areas where the customers have interactions with staff, so with your marshalls, or reception or café staff.
Louis Freeman, Business Development Manager, Jump 360

Stick to your USP

Everyone is searching for that answer and everyone is following their own path. We have our very clear vision of what our parks are, what we are about and who our key demographic audience is. Some people in the market will share that, other people will perhaps market to a slightly different audience. Having a USP, having a very clear vision of what you are, what you offer, sticking to that and offering that to the best of your ability is what will differentiate and stand you above potentially your competition. Your competition may scrabble around trying to grab on to the next technological advancement. Yep, just be clear and be true to who your brand is.
Michelle Ball & Matthew Ball, Managing Directors, Jump Nation

Everyone needs to have a USP

Everyone needs to have their own USP and there are many ways in which people can do that such as equipment, service, technology, etc. It is up to the operators to decide how they are going to drive that forward.
Peter Brown, Managing Director, Freedome Trampoline Parks

Our Focus is Entirely on the Customer

Our focus is entirely on the customer. We are customer focused. We concentrate on the customer service aspect and on the community. If we treat these groups right they will come back. We don’t focus so much on the financial gain, we know that will follow. What we are doing is looking at individual groups. We try to work closely with hard to reach groups when we look at religion and women in sport in certain areas. Increasing the disability usage of our parks. We’re really trying to get into those markets. We believe that if we treat customers right that is what is going to differentiate us from the rest of the industry.
Lewis Thompson, National Operations and Business Manager, Better Extreme

We Differentiate through Customer Service

We differentiate ourselves through customer service. We (the industry) all provide very similar services through trampolines so we differentiate ourselves through our customer service. When you come to a birthday party for example we have someone who takes care of everything from A to Z. With Samurai I am producing party packs for these parties, customised socks (especially for the parties) and goodies for the kids.
Christian Short, i45 (France)

A Strong Brand Identity is Important!

We have found that since the industry started,  the operators that stay true to their brand design and colours tend to have a strong identity. They do not to dilute their brand so only tend to order items that are designed to be closely aligned to their brand. This is beneficial in the mind of the consumer of course.
David Woodward, Samurai Trampoline Products

My name is Peter Fuller and I head up Samurai’s Sports Division. At Samurai Trampoline Products we specialise in products for the trampoline park industry to include trampoline grip socks, party packs, custom clothing, key accessories and retail products. We are the #1 global supplier of branded merchandising products for trampoline parks and please contact me if you have any questions or queries regarding how I can help your business grow.

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